From rock to electro. Without reservation VOLPLANE has a sense for big melodies and the skills to find their way into your hearts. VOLPLANE, although new in the swiss music scene, they bring a lot of freshness. They pick up  trends and mix them with their own sound. No surprise that pop music is spiced up with heavy distorted guitar riffs, rumbling synth’s clash with smooth acoustic guitars and straight forward disco beats melt together with dub step vibes!

In March 2013 they released their first EP called “A Thousand Colours”. The second one is already planned to be released later in August 2013. Their first album called “Far Beyond Imagination” (DER LETZTE SCHREI Records) will be available in September 2013.


Live bassist @ Musikfestwochen Winterthur, Heavenstage Festival, Plattentaufe Salzhaus, Guss39, Bierhübeli.


2013 to 2014